YouTube experimenting live watch counts in its Android app

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Android specific, is the new feature that YouTube is testing for its mobile users. The feature allows users view at a given moment how many other persons are seeing the video. The counter of live viewing is seen by restricted users, something that points to the part that this feature is not a part of a certified update and is a server-side switch. It is still unidentified if the feature is being seen by those who are on the official version or beta variant of the app. The counter is situated right below the dislike and like button.

There is no news as to when YouTube will launch this aspect for everybody. Even though this will not help general consumers, it can be of great assistance for creators since they can effortlessly keep a record when the traffic was the most on their video. Based on the view counter, it can also aid creators to know which subject was of most interest for subscribers.

YouTube experimenting live watch counts in its Android app

To summon up, YouTube lately upgraded its app with a fresh feature that makes it simpler to share videos with people within the app itself and communicate with them. For now, the new aspects are, on the other hand, restricted to mobile devices only.

As a fraction of the update, YouTube consumers can now view a fresh messaging feature in the app. In the messaging app, they can also share videos and communicate similar to what they do in any messaging app, using emoticons and texts. This also makes it likely to share videos without existing from the app. Apart from sharing the videos in the conversation, subscribers also get the alternative to like the text sent by people.

“Not only can you receive and share videos in the app, you can also converse about them straight in the YouTube app, invite others to the conversation, respond back with another video, and much more. We think it will make sharing faster, simpler, and more fun on your smartphone. And if you need to carry on sharing videos via other apps, you can do that as well,” claimed Product Manager at YouTube, Benoit de Boursetty, on the blog post.