WhatsApp Bug Allows You Remove Texts Even After 7 Minutes

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WhatsApp lately launched out its new feature dubbed as “Delete for everyone.” The feature allows consumers remove texts post they have been sent. On the other hand, the choice to delete is only perceptible for 7 Minutes post a text has been propelled. But it seems like a new-discovered bug allows consumers delete texts even post a time period of 7 Minutes.

As initially found by a website and posted by XDA Developers, non-beta Android users of WhatsApp on v2.17.395 can utilize the bug to remove texts post 7 Minutes of sending them. What they require to do is to propel the text and keep the window of chat opened. Keeping it open for more than 7 Minutes will still display consumers the choice to remove the text for everybody.

WhatsApp Bug Allows You Remove Texts Even After 7 Minutes

“The window for delete is meddling here, since at any time, WhatsApp notices the window is unlock, the inner timer turns unsuccessful to end and a text can be removed whenever a consumer needs to remove it,” clarifies the website. We suppose that WhatsApp will be setting up this feature in upcoming updates. On the other hand, for now, consumers can utilize this feature and the bug as much as they can.

A few days back, WhatsApp made this feature obtainable for all the non-beta consumers. How “Delete for everyone” feature of WhatsApp operates?

If a message is sent accidentally or by mistake you can remove that text by just long-taping on it and selecting the option of “Delete for everyone.” This will remove the message from your conversation thread and from the conversation thread of the receiver as well. While the canceled text will be removed from the notifications of iOS, it will display up with “This message was deleted for everyone” text on Android.

It is worth observing that both the users, receiver and the sender, must have the similar version of the app downloaded to employ the feature. It also operates on the desktop app as well as WhatsApp for web. This is one of the main features that is not yet available in the newly rolled out app for WhatsApp Business.