Water Exploration Galore

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Bodies of water provide endless opportunities for fun and thrills. Keep reading if you are looking to diversify your water sports adventures!

Water Exploration Galore

Back to Basics

People often overlook to the joy, and immense exercise benefits, of traditional swimming. This season, devote time to practicing laps, stroke technique, and stamina as you take your swimming out of the chlorine and into the natural water.

Surf’s Up!

You don’t have to be near an ocean to enjoy the art of surfing. Try out wakesurfing off the back of a boat if you frequent the lake. This is a perfect activity to practice with a group of people. Feeling confident? Drop the wakesurf rope to hang loose free style as your ride the wake from the boat’s current. If you prefer to practice tricks and skills, consider practicing wakeboarding, knee boarding, or traditional water skiing. For West Coasters, consider ensuring that boat safety equipment newport beach ca is in place before you take a group out on the waters. Of course, traditional surfing and boogie boarding are other great options if you live near a salty coast.

Fun for All

Hosting a party or reunion? Increase the water fun with large float-able rentals, such as a water trampoline or obstacle course. Guests may also prefer to stay on land, in which case you can keep the fun going with a water balloon toss coupled with a backyard barbecue. Friends may opt for water inner tubing behind a boat, or they’ll skip the speed and pick a tranquil kayak ride. For extra exercise, you can explore paddle boarding and rowing to get in shape while relaxing on the water.

Engage in new water activities to fully appreciate all our water has to offer! No matter your body of water, there’s a perfect activity waiting for you.