Vodafone Witnessing 180% Growth in IOT Users in India

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Vodafone, the British telecom giant, this week claimed that it is seeing up almost 180% development in SIM cards utilized for IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets in the nation on a smaller base.

Its solutions are being utilized to serve different sectors such as smart earthmovers and tractors, Sunil Sood, its country head, claimed to the media in an interview here.

“Even in India, these figures are increasing up. We are developing at almost 150% to 180% every year. Yes, the figures are small and the market is promising,” Sood, the chief executive as well as managing director for the 2nd biggest telecom company that is all geared up to amalgamate with smaller competitor Idea Cellular, claimed to the media.

Vodafone Witnessing 180% Growth in IOT Users in India

The firm is also operating on the smart cars sector, he claimed without revealing the names of the client.

All over world, it has 60 Million SIM cards that have been traded to be utilized for IoT solutions. IoT is an up-and-coming technology in which gadgets are linked and capable of talking to each other. It can be observed that the initiative of smart cities by the government will utilize a lot of IoT solutions that global sellers are eagerly waiting for.

Sood was talking on the account of an event of the company, where it rolled out a new brand placing in India, after the same roll out at the international level previously this month. The company declined to quantify the investments on the movement in the nation, but gave a hint that a lot of concentration will be on the digital media.

When inquired if the approaching amalgamation will have any impact on the latest identity campaign, Balesh Sharma, its chief operating officer of India, gave a hint that both the companies will carry on to work even after the amalgamation for the near future.

On the other hand, he claimed that the amalgamation is not yet through.

Sood claimed to the media in a statement that the amalgamation is in progress and the process of acceptances is moving according to expectations. Hence, we can soon hear the good news of merger.