Users Can Set Calling Rates For Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea

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The customers seem to be unhappy over the calling rates set by the operating sector. According to the users, the rates are too high and sometimes invalid as well. After looking at the people being distressed over the issue, Communications Minister Manoj Sinha has declared that there will be a new telecom policy introduced for the customers’ convenience.

The policy will be set after the inclusion of the public opinions as well. With the aim of making the policy customer centric, an open consultation process will be set for seeking the opinions of the public, industry, experts, and academia from overseas and India. This new telecom policy will have the opinions been given a high priority and publics are the stakeholders in this case.

Users Can Set Calling Rates For Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea

The National Telecom Policy was set in 2012 after which the groundwork for the new policy will begin within the next five years. The new policy will set a new direction for the next-generation technology and growth of the telecom sector. The government has decided to include 50 representatives from the overseas and 50 from India to work on bringing the policy to life. The addition of the people’s opinion will include a new dimension to the new policy.

The government has planned to delink the license from the spectrum, share norms, specify spectrum trading, increase the horizon for purchase via auctions, and full mobile number portability while bringing up the new policy. The telecom service providers, civil society representatives, and tower company representatives can also set their views straight for the new policy.

The policy could not be put forth earlier due to non-achievement of the targets such as 2Mbps speed, network issue clearance, encouraging white space use, discarding roaming charges, National Mobile Property Registry formation, and others. The targets once achieved then the policy can be set easily.

In the telecom sector, the company dominating the market is Reliance Jio owing to its cheap data plans and free voice calls. The other telecom companies are currently in a financial crisis after a huge dip in the business. Thus, the government has taken up the initiative of looking into the financial debt in the sector and find out the right solution.