UberEATS to Be Launched In Q2

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Uber is a well-known San Francisco-based company that is popular for its transportation services. The company has decided to jump into another profession. A new startup named as UberEATS will be launched in the Indian market by the end of Q2. The startup, as the name suggests, will be delivering food items. The company has already started contacting major restaurants in the country and has successfully created a network.

UberEATS to Be Launched In Q2

The launch time of the company seems to be a little odd since online food delivery giants such Zomato and Swiggy are looking to strengthen their companies with extra financial support. In addition to this, Google has introduced its food delivery and hyper-local services app Areo that overtakes on leads to associates such as Freshmenu, Faasos, UrbanClap and various others in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The management team of UberEATS will be dissimilar from the cab app at city as well as national levels. The company has also been appointing city-level restaurant operations managers, city general managers, and sales and branding heads across six major cities Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Gurugram, and Chennai.

The launch of the company in India is under the guidance of Manan Javeri, who joined Uber in 2015 and is also a former McKinsey executive. He will inform directly to Allen Penn, Asia Pacific head of Uber.

“We are at present in the middle of creating a team committed to the UberEATS business in the country; this involves internal transmits, mainly specialists in marketplace management and external appoints. From a hiring point of view, we are viewing at taking in some of the finest talents in the restaurant industry, public with knowledge in logistics management, involving unbeaten entrepreneurs, and various other features of the food delivery business,” said Penn.

Well, in the era where the food delivery startups are nearly closed, Uber has shown some courage and is all set to launch the UberEATS. Various startups have already quitted due to the demonetization. Let us see if UberEATS will be able to succeed as it did in the online transportation service. For now, all we can do is wait and watch as well as give good wishes to the company.