Tricks about Web Browser

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Web browsers serve their basic function of surfing the Internet. But do you know that they can be used as other things also such as a text editor. Here are some tricks that you can try with your browser.

Tricks about Web Browser

Convert Web page to PDF

  1. Open your browser on your PC or MAC
  2. Navigate to the web page that you wish to convert into a PDF.
  3. Use Command+P if you are using MAC or Ctrl+P if you are using Windows PC. This will open the Print dialog on the screen.
  4. Once the dialog box is open, change the destination Save As PDF. Click Save once done.
  5. As soon as you hit the Save button, the web page will be downloaded as a PDF document.


Use browser as editor

1 Copy below code in browser Url Section

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

  1. Now Press Enter.
  2. Now you can type anything as would do on any other text editor like Notepad.
  3. To save your text file Press Ctrl + S and save it as anything.txt
  4. Note that the .txt extension is a must.


Know saved passwords

  1. Open the browser and navigate to settings.
  2. Search for Security and click when found.
  3. Once you enter the Security Panel, search for Saved Passwords.
  4. Click the Saved Password button.
  5. Click on the Show Passwords option when the new dialog box appears.
  6. As soon as you hit the button, you will be able to see all the passwords that are saved on the browsers.

So friends, try out these cool tricks and let us know if they were helpful to you or not. Also, let us know some more tricks if you are known to any. Feel free to share your thoughts. Do not forget to comment below.