Travel Mode: A Feature That Secures Your Data While Crossing Borders

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Everyone wants their personal data to be as private and secure as possible.At present, there has been an increase in the incidences where individuals are asked to unlock and give access to their phones at the borders. People may feel reluctant about it as by doing so a huge amount of personal information can be exposed.

Travel Mode: A Feature That Secures Your Data While Crossing Borders

But don’t you worry as now you have an option to secure your data with 1Password. It is an easy way to avoid specific passwords from being seized by the border agents. AgileBits, the inventor of 1Password, has made a new feature, “Travel Mode,” available to the users. When the Travel Mode is turned on, each vault will be displaced from the respective device other than the items which are selected as “safe for travel.”

But the users should note that this feature is only available for only those having a membership of 1Password. Its  monthly subscription begins at 2.99 USD for individual accounts.

All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned instruction to turn on the Travel Mode.

  • To start with sign-in your 1Password account. It is better to produce a new safe for travel password vault. The user can do this by toggling the New Vault on their home screen on the website of 1Password. Name the vault and the user can give it a description.
  • Open the new vault with a password so that you can move the items into it. For this, select the items you wish to move. Hit the share button and select Copy/Move. Do the same for all items to be moved.
  • As the travel vault have been set up, click the vault’s pencil icon. Choose “Safe for travel” and hit “Confirm.”
  • Further, select your account name present at the top right and select My Profile.
  • Hit “Enable Travel Mode.”

Once the user activates the Travel Mode, all the vaults that are not marked safe will be entirely removed from the device. Thus, no data is left for anyone to find through, even if any individual gains access to the users’ devices. On deactivating the Travel mode, all the displaced vaults will once again get synced to the respective device.

So, keep your personal data safe with 1Password.