Top Funniest Tweets of All Time

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Twitter is the most common and famous social media site after Facebook. Its limit of 140 characters makes it more interesting. People post through tweets on Twitter. The short but more conveyable tweets make an environment that is humorous. Here are top funniest tweets of all times.

Top Funniest Tweets of All Time

  1. Transient Antagonist @AnOrangeSNES

Hi I’m Ben Franklin and this is Jackass!

*Flies a kite in a thunder storm*

  1. Don Nichols @TheDairylandDon

Maybe if you knew Garfield’s parents were murdered on a monday by anti lasagna activists you wouldn’t be so judgmental.

  1. yeah, phil @PhilJamesson


Bartender: What’ll ya have?

Cat: Shot of rum.

[Bartender pours it]

[Cat slowly pushes it off the bar]

Cat: Another.

  1. Megan Amram @meganamram

Ambulances are the original Transformers because sometimes they transform mid-ride into hearses

  1. brendle @brendlewhat

Hello sir, I-*briefcase full of jellybeans falls open*

  1. Jazmasta @jazmasta

[loudly so dad who’s been depressed since mom left can hear]

Oh no, my GPS broke! If only I had some good DRIVING DIRECTIONS

*dad looks up*

  1. Max Dylan Ash @mynameisntdave

ME: honey, it’s really muggy out today

WIFE: if I go outside & all our mugs are on the front lawn, I’m leaving u

ME: *sips coffee from bowl*

  1. Sal Paradise(nuts) @Karate_Horse

my favorite part of moby dick is when it says dick right there on the cover lmao

  1. Mary Charlene @IamEnidColeslaw

do people who run know that we’re not food anymore

  1. Cohen KING OF GHOSTS @skullmandible

most cutting thing you can say is “who’s this clown?” because it implies they’re a) a clown & b) not even one of the better-known clowns

Hope you like these tweets.