Sync Chrome Tabs and History on Multiple Devices

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In the era of technological advancements, people own more than one smart device. But they also want to have the same data on each device. In short, they want their data to be synced across multiple devices. Is this possible? Do not get surprised if you get an affirmative response. Yes!!! You heard it right. It is possible to sync data between multiple devices. And today, we will teach you how to sync tabs and history in Chrome across multiple devices.

Sync Chrome Tabs and History on Multiple Devices

Step 1

The basic and most important step is to sign in using your Gmail account. This is important because all the data will be synced on your Gmail account. You can sign in by navigating to the Settings on the top right corner of the browser.

Step 2

Once you are signed in, half of the job is done. The browser now starts syncing the data. It automatically pulls the necessary data from the server to sync multiple devices.

Step 3

Choose what information should be shared across multiple gadgets. This can be done clicking Advanced Sync Settings. You can either click Choose Everything or tap Choose What To Sync. If you tap Choose What To Sync, you get a number of options. Check and uncheck the desired options and then save your preferences.

Step 4

You can also see the tabs that are open on other device. Make sure you are signed in Chrome. Go to the Settings by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner. Tap History and select Tabs from Another Device.

Step 5

Add a layer of safety by encrypting your data on server. Select the SyncPhrase option from the Encryption panel.

So friends, this is how you sync tab and history in Chrome on multiple devices. Do try this out and let us know your feedback.