#SorryPizza: KFC’s Chilli Chizza Taking Over Pizza In Its New TVC

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We are all fond of KFC’s chicken dishes, may it be Chicken Snacker, Potato Krisper, or Hot Wings. KFC has always satisfied our taste buds when it comes to CHICKEN. However, to add to its menu list of chicken and also to its customers taste and happiness, KFC has come up with a new dish, which may probably replace the PIZZAS. Yes you heard it right…! How? Let’s take you to the whole story.

#SorryPizza: KFC’s Chilli Chizza Taking Over Pizza In Its New TVC

KFC India has introduced a new product to its list—Chilli Chizza. KFC claims this all new product to be the most innovative product of the year. Chilli Chizza is the most delightful dish for all chicken and cheese lovers. KFC is all set to squash its latest TVC, with the help of making use of suspense and situational humor, showing how this new Chizza is undoubtedly beating pizza as the favorite consumers’ choice.

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, CMO of KFC India, gave his comments on the TV commercial by stating that KFC is back in the game again with Chilli Chizza—an innovative product of the year. They are pretty sure that this new product will very soon take over pizza and become one of the favorites of Gen Y with its no crust, all chicken proposal. Along with the TVC, KFC hopes to bump the young Indian consumers’ taste, who are always looking out for new, cravable, and electrifying to try every day.

Ogilvy & Mather gave a very interesting concept where the opening is a crime scene wherein Sudesh Berry—bollywood actor—plays the role of senior investigation officer. He is informed about the 20th victim, who is killed in a very similar way. As the investigator goes on his knees, the camera focuses on the victim. When revealed, distorted pizza is found. When he enquires if any of the team members suspect anyone, his assistant gives him a box of new Chilli Chizza by KFC’s. It completely overwhelms the investigator in the by the first bite itself, and he utters “Mindblowing! Yeh toh pizza ko mar dalega”. As soon as he comments this, all associates turn towards him—as if he has solved the mystery of the murder case. The music is now more intense and the camera is now showing a box of Chilli Chizza along with the voice saying #SorryPizza.