Some Future Trending Auto Technologies You Should Be Aware Of

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Technologies of automobiles keep on upgrading on daily basis nowadays. Every day we come across some new methodologies, spare parts, fuel alternatives, concepts, and many other factors. Manufacturers have immensely invested on upcoming efficient and reliable technologies. Let’s not go too far to identify what are those changes, as present driving and supportive mechanism has just transformed itself.
These features are already present in the cars, but its reach is limited due to high cost. Below is some equipment that will be soon standardized and will be in high demand.

Some Future Trending Auto Technologies You Should Be Aware Of

360 degrees camera
The implementation of law to integrate a backup camera will be in action by 2019. The manufacturers are now focusing on enhancing the exterior and surrounding view to person seating on the driver seat. To provide a view of 360 degrees, various cameras are fitted on various angles of the cars, through which the footage is merged in the form of “birds-eye”.

Carbon Fiber material
A carbon material that is comparatively light-in-weight and has high strength than the materials like aluminum and steel are widely preferred nowadays while making vehicles. Electrical vehicles are majorly manufactured and a need to reduce overall weight is mandatory in those vehicles, as it has added battery equipment. Thus this lightweight material also helps to gain fuel efficiency.

Wireless electric vehicles charging
The age of fossil powered vehicles is driving towards the dead end, as the electrified era for cars is set to replace the transmission. The charging of the cars is for now done by cables and chords, but it gets too bulky. Soon there will be garages and platforms which will charge the vehicle’s battery with the help of the magnetic resonance and Wi-Fi technologies. The days aren’t far where the roads will power the car when it passes.

We are standing on the edge of the future where the earth will majorly operate automatedly.