SAP India Sets an Eagle’s Eye on Msmes

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The micro, small, & medium enterprises (MSMEs) are going to have new technological tasks included in its daily tasks so as to ease the whole working process. The SAP India is currently eyeing the MSMEs so as to help it adopt the ERPsoftware solution and bring about the needed changes in the taxation and regulatory management.

SAP India along with the MSMEs have planned to introduce the Bharat ERP as the GST scheme is all set to roll out in a few days. The adoption of the technology is very important to help the government carry out the various management tasks easily. In the next 3 Years, SAP India program will make it mandatory for all the 30000 MSMEs to adopt the new technology. The new technology is expected to drive the operational capability of the various firms.

SAP India Sets an Eagle’s Eye on Msmes

The technology is being added to all the businesses so as to bring out a transformation in the taxation and the SMEs’ regulation reduction plan so as to help India go digital. For now, in India, there are about 6600 MSME customers of SAP Business One. All these are currently looking at providing around 100 Million or more job opportunities in the next few years.

The SME is the sector where there is 90% growth seen due to the increasing new customers being added on a yearly basis. The basic idea behind the introduction of the pilot program by SAP India and a five technology center MSME ministry is to help the SMEs provide certification and training so as to include the inventory, sales and finance techniques using a new single software. The software will be made available in the coming three months.

The major reason is to provide advanced technologies in acquiescent with the GST scheme in the developed and underdeveloped areas. The EAP solutions work on the legal rules and regulations set by the government. SAP India has spent a lot on it so as to bring it to life on a global basis.

MSMEs can benefit a lot from the SAP India’s technological integration in the various businesses in the coming years.