Opera Max for Android Gets Discontinued

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The Norway-based developer firm, Opera, has detached its data saving application, Opera Max, from Google Play Store. The app, which was rolled out in 2014, will not be accessible for Android consumers with immediate effect.

The firm formally declared the decision in a blog post. It, on the other hand, did not expose as to why it removed the data management app. “Opera Max, the app that permitted users to reduce and manage data usage all over their Android mobile phone apps, was originally rolled out in 2014. Opera has now made a decision to remove Opera Max. The product had a substantially different value proposition than our browser products, and represented a different focus for Opera. We, therefore, focus on our browsers and other upcoming services,” said the official blog post.

Opera Max for Android Gets Discontinued

As for those who have previously installed the Opera Max app and are utilizing it, the firm claims there will not be any more updates for them. In addition to this, it has been exposed that the app will operate fine for a certain time frame. The firm will let consumers know about the extinction of support from the server side in mean time.

This decision by Opera came as a huge shock for many. The firm in May this year rolled out Opera Max 3.0. The version was a huge upgrade optimized for simpler usage of the powerful data savings with an all new design and tools for data management built in the Opera Max.”

For those who are not aware, Opera Max displayed how much data each application was consuming on the smartphone—both when utilizing Wi-Fi and phone data. The app also allowed consumers save some data by squeezing content such as videos, images, and much more. Consumers were allowed to view their usage of data on the basis of a month, a single day, or in “All Time” parts.

The last upgrade brought an individual feature to save data particularly when utilizing Facebook. “With just one tap, you can launch Opera Max’s Facebook web app and have the benefits of a VPN connection, saving sessions and other settings all auto-configured to get you going and saving on Facebook data usage,” said the official blog post.