Now Beer Can Be Made From Recycled Wastewater As Well

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“Would You Like To Have Some Beer?” What Answer Can You Expect The Beer Lovers To Answer? Have You Ever Thought About The Amount Of Water Required To Make Beer? Why Would You, Right? But Looking At The Rising Water Crisis Across The Globe, It Is High Time You Give This Question A Thought. Along With The Researchers, There Are Some Companies As Well Which Are Trying To Go The Green Way To Help Save The Earth.

Now Beer Can Be Made From Recycled Wastewater As Well

As The Water Scarcity And Drought Problems In A Number Of Areas Are Increasing, A Brewery Company In California Has Planned To Develop Beer Using The Recycled Wastewater. This Idea Of Sustainability Can Prove To Help Conserve Water In The Coming Years. The Company Developed The Brew Named “Full Circle Pale Ale” Using The Recycled Wastewater Provided By The San Diego’s Pure Water Project. The Major Goal Of The Project By Providing Water To The Brewery Was To Create Awareness Among The Masses Regarding Water Sustainability.

In Addition To This, The Beer Made From The Recycled Wastewater Didn’t Taste Any Different In Fact It Tasted Even Better Than The Conventional Beer. According To CEO Pat Tiernan Of Stone Brewing, The Recycled Wastewater Is Considered To Be Even Pure Than The Usually Used Water For Making Beer. The Main New Mantra Of This Concept Is To Save Water By Depending On The Treatment Plants As A Reliable Source. The New Full Circle Pale Ale Beer Is Not Only The Renewable Technique The Company Has Adopted But Also It Has About 20% Of Its Factory Powered By The Solar Energy. It’s Time For Everyone To Take A Step Forward In The Renewable Sector For Making The World A Better Place To Eat, Drink And Live In.

Way To Go Stone Brewing. Cheers To The Recycled Beer.