New Law to Shortly to Observe Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and Others

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The government will emerge with a law for data protection to verify possible misuse and diversion of private user data by tech and social media majors such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Apple.

A soaring-level group will give a report on the issue by the end of 2017, and following steps will be taken up after that, a leading source in the IT Ministry claimed when asked regarding the attempts on protection of data in the awakening of the decision by Supreme Court to announce separate privacy as a basic right. The government is being grateful of the social media companies in distributing empowerment and digital literacy. It is also watchful of the possible threats to any information theft that may cause, particularly as much of this supposedly goes out without any lively knowledge of the users.

New Law to Shortly to Observe Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and Others

“We might emerge with a fresh rule for protection of data, or may have an allowing provision in the current IT Act,” the source claimed to the media in an interview. When asked to speak on the issue, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the law and IT minister, had this to say: “The tech majors must be trained to respect the rules of our country.” There have been extensive issues that leading social media and tech majors have been outlining users as they see at ways to monetize user data, or trade them to 3rd parties via confidential arrangements. The problem has also lifted security issues with reports that all the information flows into 3rd-party servers that are situated outside the nation.

And besides the tech majors from west, the government is also worried about the supposed misuse of consumer information and data by most of the Chinese firms, comprising the producer of mobile phones and also Internet firms such as UC Web Browser of Alibaba. The source claimed that the government might not wait for the recommendation of the committee to deal with the threat from firms in China. “We will take action on any possible threat from firms in China as soon as the requirement arises.”