Learn Something New In The Shortest Available Time Span with This App

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Do you get irritated when you have to wait while your phone connects to a Wi-Fi or when you are waiting for new emails to be loaded after refreshing? What will you do? Here’s the solution for it: WaitSuite. Yes, a research team from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of MIT has come up with an array of apps known as WaitSuite, which examine you on vocabulary words during still instances such as when you are waiting for your phone to connect to a Wi-Fi or you are waiting for an instant message.


At present, hyper-connectivity has altered the way we productively utilize our time, wait, and communicate. Even in this era of instant messaging and 5G wireless, there are several time points when we wait for texts and messages to refresh. But now, with the availability of WaitSuite, we don’t need to wait for few additional seconds for our emails to load, as we can utilize this time for learning something new. WaitSuite intends to take advantage of moments when an individual otherwise won’t be doing anything, a method called as wait-learning by the developers.

Five basic daily tasks are covered by WaitSuite, which include emails to push through, an elevator to come, content on your phone to load, instant messages to be received, and waiting for Wi-Fi to the connector. When the users are using “WaitChatter,” the instant messaging app of the system, they may learn 4 new words every day that makes 56 words in a couple of weeks.

The team also desires to verify other patterns for micro-learning such as the audio for active users. The team also envisions to have an app that prompts users to practice mindfulness rather than getting bored, frustrated, or impatient.

Jaime Teevan, Principal Researcher, Microsoft, said, “This development is actually exciting as it intends to assist individuals to make use of all the short time spans, which would otherwise be wasted every day. What I like about is the fact that how it considers the state of mind of an individual, for instance, by providing words to learn that associate with a discussion they are having.”

Isn’t it an amazing development? So, now no need to waste even a fraction of your time; instead, learn something new even in that shortest time span.