India Has Applied Anti-Dumping Duty on Tempered Glass

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India has applied anti-dumping tax on tempered glass. Tempered glass is used for shielding screens of mobile phone. The anti-dumping tax has been applied on tempered glass from China for 5 Years to guard the local industry from below-price imports, as per the sources.

The Revenue Department has rolled out a notification applying anti-dumping tax in the range from USD 52.85 to USD 136.21 for each ton on imports of tempered glass from China. The tax has been applied on Textured Toughened Tempered Glass having width not more than 4.2 mm comprising tolerance of 0.2 mm. The Textured Toughened Tempered Glass should have at least 90.5% transmission and at least one dimension must be more than 1500 mm, whether uncoated or coated.

India Has Applied Anti-Dumping Duty on Tempered Glass

Inquiries by the DGAD (Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties) had discovered that the tempered glass has been exported from China to India under its related standard value. In addition to this, it stated that local industry has undergone material damage that occurred due to the surplus imports of the products from China.

“The anti-dumping tax applied shall be effectual for a 5 Years from the date of roll out of this notification,” claimed the notification. India applies anti-dumping tax to guard local industry from an elevation in reasonably priced imports. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Industry and Commerce Minister, had previously this month claimed to Rajya Sabha that anti-dumping tax is in force on 93 goods relating to imports from China. This information was given by 2 sources having a deep knowledge of this matter. The information was provided by the sources on the sole condition of being unnamed.

These goods belong to a huge group of petrochemicals and chemicals; products of other metals including steel; yarn and fibers; plastic or rubber products; machinery items; electronic or electric items; and consumer products among others. Imports of India from China slightly dropped to USD 61.28 Billion in the financial year 2016–2017 as compared to USD 61.7 in the previous financial year 2015–2016. This data was provided by the same sources cited above.