India Beats The U.S. To Become Top Country with Largest Users on Facebook

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Almost 15 days ago, Facebook declared that it crossed a new milestone of active consumer base of 2 Billion. The figure lifted from 1.94 Billion in March 2017. Now, the social media major has supposedly given a detail of those figures, detailing which nation has how much users.

As per an industry report, Facebook has exposed to its advertisers that India has exceeded the U.S. to turn out to be the largest user base for the social media website for monthly active consumers. As per the catalog, India leads the chart with 241 Million monthly active consumers, which is almost 11% of the entire traffic that is received to the Facebook. The U.S. is near with 240 Million monthly active consumers. Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico are on 3rd, 4th, and 5th stand in the list, respectively.

India Beats The U.S. To Become Top Country with Largest Users on Facebook

On the other hand, in the segment of Leading Cities, no Indian cities are present in the leading 5. New Delhi stands on the 6th position with 15 Million monthly active consumers, making up to 0.7% of the entire traffic. The leading 5 positions are taken by:

  • Bangkok
  • Jakarta
  • Dhaka
  • Mexico City
  • Istanbul

In addition to this, it has been stated that the active consumers in India have increased by 27% in last 6 Months, while the U.S. has witnessed a development of 12% during the same timeframe. The report claims that in India, only 19% (241 Million) of the whole population of 1,282 Million utilizes social media. The U.S. has penetration of social media to 73% (240 Million) out of entire population of 327 Million.

As per Facebook, out of 241 Million users who use social media websites everyday in India, 54% use Facebook daily, 84% uses Facebook through mobile, 76% are grouped as male while 24% are classified as female. On the basis of age, most of the users on Facebook are between 18–24 Years. The minimum number of consumers are in bracket of 65+ years.

Well, the above data shows how the population of India is busy on Facebook. One major concern is: Is the fact that India ranks No. 1 in usage of Facebook good or bad?