Hyundai Reveals Fuel-Cell SUV with Longer Range of Travel

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Hyundai Motor claims that its new cell vehicle of hydrogen fuel will take a trip of more than 580 Kilometers (almost 360 Miles) amid fill-ups. The South Korean firm said this week that its 2nd-generation SUV will be rolled out early in 2018. If given as pledged, upcoming fuel cell car of Hyundai will take a trip 40% further than its Tucson ix FCEV, the fuel-cell 1st-generation SUV, rolled in 2013.

Hyundai Reveals Fuel-Cell SUV with Longer Range of Travel

Fuel cell vehicles, which are emission-free similar to that of pure electric vehicles, can be refueled in 2 Minutes to 3 Minutes, unlike electric cars that can take various hours to recharge fully. But the shortage of fueling stations for hydrogen is an obstruction for huge adoption. Honda, Toyota, and General Motors are also spending a lot in fuel cell method but fuel cell vehicles are getting lesser grip as compared to electric cars, which can find stations for charging more with no trouble.

South Korea aims to elevate the number of fueling stations for hydrogen to 100 stations by end of 2020 from 16 stations this year in order sharply elevate sales of fuel cell cars. The nation is planning to have 10,000 fuel cell cars on its streets by the end of 2020 as a fraction of its plans to deal with air pollution, its ministry of environment claimed in March. That might be a jump from merely 121 fuel cell vehicles in 2016. Hyundai Motor also aims to come up in the eco-friendly vehicle race with longer range of driving electric cars.

It aims to roll out an electric car with 500 Kilometers (almost 311 Miles) of driving range after 2021. Prior to the summer of next year, it aims to roll out a minute electric sports utility car with 390 Kilometers of driving range for every charge. In 2021, Genesis, the luxury brand of the company, will reveal an electric car model as well. One factor that makes drivers hesitant to purchase electric cars is a fear that they may not come across a charging station amid a trip. Well, let us hope that Hyundai finds a solution for this fear as well.