Hubble Captures Dazzling Sight Of Cosmic Microwave Laser

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Space has always surprised us with its undiscovered secrets hidden beyond the atmosphere. And the designer of the universe has created various masterpieces and the show is still on. Hubble—the space telescope that is operational in the earth’s orbit since 1991 has shot some amazing pictures of the galaxyIRAS 16399-0937 by its precise observations.

Hubble Captures Dazzling Sight Of Cosmic Microwave Laser

The object is located about 370 Million light years away from the Milky Way. The finding captured by the Hubble is a kind of natural laser, where the light emission cannot be seen in visible light, but the microwaves can be observed.

IRAS 16399 isn’t the ordinary maser, as the megamaser is 100 Million times brighter than the previous finding. The laser works on the law of stimulated light emissions passed through a definite frequency from particular gas. Referring to this phenomenon, some of the immense gas clouds have the exact environment to produce microwaves which come out with such magnificent results.

The telescope delivers accurate and crystal clear view of the galaxy. The shape of the detected object is peculiar due to the crash of two galaxies with similar mass. The collision not only destructs the formation of the galaxy but also hampers the bright cores that are visible in telescope image.

The South Core is constantly creating new stars at the rate of dozens, which is much higher than the Milky Way. On the other side, North core that is known as Low-Ionization Nuclear Emission Region is mostly silent due to galactic standards.

But after some hundred millions of year both core would collide after the heating up of the powerful jets that would form a new star.

But for now, we can take the pleasure of the mesmerizing galaxy.