Here’s How Apple Got Its Name

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Today everyone is familiar with the brand name Apple. Hardly will you find anyone on the globe who is not aware of this brand. Tech geeks crave for Apple devices and rest of the world dreams of these devices to get hands on. The recent flagship smartphone of the company iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is a great piece of creativity and innovation. But have you ever imagined as to how the company got its name? Well here are some theories.

Here’s How Apple Got Its Name

It is said that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted there company to be ahead of Atari, one of the popular companies at that time, in the phone book. Other theory said that both of them wanted their company to be different in terms of name as compared to other the giants such as IBM, Cincom, and Digital Equipment. Another theory says that the name was a tribute to the music label of the Beatles, the Apple Records. But these all are just theories. Let us see from a different perspective.

According to the biography of Steve Jobs, it was mentioned somewhat like this: “on one of my fruitarian diets” and had just come from an apple farm, and though the name sounded “fun, spirited, and not intimidating”.

When we see in the book iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon, co-founder Steve Wozniak, says, “It was a couple of weeks later when we came up with the name for partnership. I remember that I was driving Steve Jobs back to the airport along Highway 85. Steve was coming back from a visit to Oregon to a place he called an ‘apple orchard.’”

So it turns out to be that all the theories that were proposed behind the history of the name of the company were not true. But Wozniak had a concern about the relation between the name of the company and the name of Beatles’ records. And his concern was right. In 1989, Apple Inc. was sued by Apple records that resulted in paying a huge penalty.

Well friends, now that you know the history behind the name of the company, spread the word.