Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Gets Engaged to Joe Jonas

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting wedded. The artist who plays Sansa Stark on the famous show “Game of Thrones” and the pop singer Joe Jonas shared pictures of their engagement ring on their individual Instagram accounts on last Sunday. “I said of course,” Turner wrote in the description of the photograph that shows her stunning and beautiful wedding ring with her hand on top of her would be husband. Turner is 21 years old, and Jonas is 28 years old; they have been dating since 2016 with several reports of their love relation emerging in the last November. The couple has been very quiet about their connection. But in a talk with the media, Turner said her connection was making her extremely happy.

Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Gets Engaged to Joe Jonas

“I’m more contented than I’ve been since a very long time,” she told the media. “I very much cut off myself for some time and forgot what enjoyment was. Going out with my family and friends, going out to dine, was not my cup of tea. And people I’ve met lately in my life have always taken me out of that. It actually helps you possess those insecurities. Those stuffs which I tortured myself much before, I can now easily forget about it.” Maisie Williams, Turner’s closest friend and the famous show “Game of Throne’s artist, replied on the picture of Turner’s ring and stated, “Queen. I love you a lot.” Jonas’ brothers Nick congratulated the duo by re-sharing the photograph on his Instagram account and said, “Ahh! Best wishes to my lovely brother and would be sister in law on your engagement. I adore you both so very much.”

Turner’s marriage engagement follows almost three weeks of time after her show called “Game of Thrones” which also costars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington declared their engagement in the month of September 2017. After knowing and meeting on the set of “Game of Thrones” in 2011, the pair confirmed their love relation in the month of April 2016.

Many Congratulations to Sophie and Joe!