From Now on Whatsapp Will Authenticate The Business User Profiles

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WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging apps that is commonly being used among the people across the globe. The increasing number of people using the messaging app has resulted in higher threat rates regarding the spread of fake news, data breaching, and so on.

Facebook has thus come up with the best of security features to protect its commonly used apps. The app is being used by a number of organizations as well for the promotional or business purposes. Thus, in order to keep track of all its business users, WhatsApp has started the verification procedure on the messaging platform. This verification process is available on the updated versions of the social messaging app.

From Now on Whatsapp Will Authenticate The Business User Profiles

WhatsApp has been trying to explore a number of features so as to enable the small business organizations or merchants to communicate with each other. The recent upgradation is expected to help the plan become a hit in the coming months.

According to Facebook, WhatsApp will verify its business users by adding a green badge next to the contact. The verification process can be checked out in the WhatsApp beta designed for the Android version 2.17.285. The green badge signifies that the address and the phone number of the business have been verified by the messaging app.

The basic business data include the phone number, address, e-mail address, official website, and name of the business. The other details such as an Instagram account or link with other accounts can also be mentioned in the section. This information section is thoroughly verified. When the user chats with a business then their conversation will appear in yellow. And the most important is that the chat cannot be deleted by any means. Even the option of muting or blocking the business is provided.

WhatsApp permits the unverified business user to send a message in the form of a public announcement to the already existing businesses or users using the push message. The businesses will have an option of viewing in statistics. However, the features final roll out will be worth the watch. Also, how the businesses can stand out from the normal users is something to look out for. The plan of inclusion of the UPI-linked digital payment by WhatsApp is something that the business can also make use of.