Fords In Plans To Launch Its ‘Autolivery’ Concept To Deliver Products With Self-Driving Cars And Drones

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Some days before our conversation was based on a topic related to the automated and connected cars, but the talks came into the practicality so early that, we can directly witness and experience the autonomous vehicles. The concept of autonomous cars has been actually introduced with some extra features that could’ve have been only in imagination.

Self-driving technology has opened many routes for transportation and logistics industry. And now the industry giants are grasping some future predicted concepts that will have autonomous driving as a foundation of the concept with superior and precise technology.

Deliver Products With Self-Driving Cars And Drones

Ford at 2017 Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona revealed its unique concept; an electrically powered and autonomous driven van, with a fleet of drones that can pick the packages from the van and drop the packages in areas where it is intricate to reach.

The concept is known as “Autolivery”, which will be developed with a motive to ease the last mile challenge faced while delivering the packages. The technology is more focused to reduce the complexity faced while delivery, specifically in last some meters between the truck and drop off location.

The drone drop-off concept will be more useful in dense and urban areas, where structures of the apartments are vertical and parking a vehicle is an impractical task. Changing shopping habits will motivate this delivery concept positively.

Ford being one of the favorites and preferred car brand has been curiously trying to turn itself into a technology firm. It is also known for its dedication towards improving its ability and spends limitlessly to achieve the goals.

Recently it has acquired a newly established autonomous driving start up Argo Ai for $1Billion. It has also planned to introduce a fully autonomous car without steering wheel and pedals by 2021.