Foods That Lord Ganesha Loves the Most

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When the festival of Ganapati is around, everyone looks for Prasad. But do you know what Lord Ganesha likes. Let us see.

Foods That Lord Ganesha Loves the Most

  1. Modak

This one is not astonishing. Each year prior to the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees and mithai shops get engaged in preparing Modak—one of the favorite sweets of Ganesha. His enormous love for modaks has also given him the name of “Modapriya.” But are you aware of why Lord Ganesha likes modaks? It is supposed that once the demi-Gods gave a visit to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and gave them an extraordinary modak. Goddess Parvati wished to divide the modak amid her sons, Lord Karthik and Lord Ganesha. But both of them were not ready to share the modak. Hence, Goddess gave a dare to them where the one that surrounds the whole world 3 times first will get the modak and Lord Ganesha won by encircling around his parents.

  1. Bananas

Even though an array of seasonal and fresh fruits are provided to Lord Ganesha as prasad, the love for bananas of the elephant-headed God is no shock. Public also give garlands created from banana leaves coupled with the banana flowers and stem of the banana plant.

  1. Motichoor Laddus

In all his statues, Lord Ganesha is always viewed with laddus, which indicates his love towards sweet treat. The sweet is also mentioned in the Aarti that is sung for Lord Ganesha which says, “ladduan ka bhog lage, sant karen seva.” Out of all the types of laddus, the Motichoor Laddu is his favorite and is frequently offered as prasad. On Ganesh Chaturthi, a lot of sweet shops trade these bright colored Motichoor laddus that are given after the pooja as prasad.

  1. Puffed Rice

As cited in the Vedic Purana, Kuber, the lord of wealth, once invited Lord Ganesha for a feast in spite of being warned by Lord Shiva that his son is a hungry eater. Kuber made an attempt to amaze with his prosperity and served verity of dishes but Lord Ganesha would still be starving. When there was nothing left to give, Kubera requested for help from Lord Shiva to discover something that will please Lord Ganesh. And at time the puffed rice were served that satisfied Lord Ganesha’s huger.