Facebook Worker Found Living in A Car

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Not able to pay for a residence in Silicon Valley, a contractor who had a job in Facebook is being obliged to live out in her car. Parsha is now loaded with medical bills and student loans, media reports claimed. “I tell individuals all the time, stop viewing at what someone got and what you see on the exterior,” Parsha claimed.

As per the local media, the standard asking rental in northern California neighborhood for a 1-bedroom residence is more than $2,300 per month. Parsha, who has 2 children, can’t pay for this. So she resides in a car and has not yet revealed to her colleagues about her situation, fearing she might be looked down. But now she aims to make her living situation public, in a hope to blend a debate about the elevated rentals in the region. “I believe that firms need to look at the wages, are we giving workers sufficient to stay alive?”

Facebook Worker Found Living in A Car

When inquired about living conditions of Parsha, Facebook claimed that Parsha was not a direct worker, but did work for a 3rd party contractor associated with the firm. The representative of the firm claimed that Facebook struggles to make an evenhanded work surrounding for its workers, comprising contractors. Parsha claimed that she has commenced hunting for another job so as to assist pay the bills.

On the other hand, the shortfall of housing in Silicon Valley of California has turned out so harsh that Facebook Inc. projected to build homes on its own. This will be for the first time that the company plans to build 1,500 homes close to its headquarters.

The development of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook, and various other tech firms has stressed neighborhoods in the area of San Francisco Bay that were not ready for an arrival of hundreds of thousands of employees during the last 10 Years. Commute times and home prices have grown. Tech firms have reacted with steps such as Internet-integrated buses for workers with long travels. Facebook has proposed minimum $10,000 in incentives to employees who move nearer to their workplaces.

Let us hope that no one might suffer as Parsha did.