Facebook: Building 8 Secretly Working on Next-Generation Products

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The social networking giant Facebook is recently in talks due to its hardware group—Building 8. Facebook is a well-known social networking giant with over 2 Billion users. Pretty huge number. Right? But Facebook won’t stop here. The company is said to be secretly working in the hardware sector. This huge decision is taken to enter in the hardware world and become a multi-product hardware company. Building 8 is said to be Facebook’s hardware group is said to be secretly working on “not-yet-announced” consumer hardware products. These products may include augmented reality (AR) devices, next-generation cameras, drones, and also a brain scanning technology.

Facebook: Building 8 Secretly Working on Next-Generation Products

Though the hardware group didn’t reveal any of the products, it will probably play an important role in the developer conference of Facebook in the coming month of April. As per the report, this step of Building 8 hardware group will give a robust start along with various warehouse operations, numerous retail experiences, and a worldwide contact center path. It seems that Facebook is not at all taking this as a sideline.

Furthermore, looking at the hiring by the hardware group and job programs in Business Insider, it is clear that Facebook is very determined in this decision of entering new consumer hardware sector. The reports further mentioned about the Menlo Park, California—a 22,000-square-foot lab—headquarters that is used for modeling and fast prototyping processes of these novel hardware products. Facebook is working on Aquila—a solar-powered craft—that relays the Internet to the projected 4 Billion people around the world. Mark Zuckerberg—the CEO of Facebook—further reported that the testing of Aquila will be continued over the next year, further adding on more and more payloads and planes. He further mentioned that this is a part of their mission of connecting the world and help out another bunch of 4 Billion people, who are still unblessed of the Internet and its advantages.

Well, Facebook has always satisfied its users with its work and we hope it will continue to do so in future.