Facebook Bars Rohingya Militant Group

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Facebook claimed that it has barred a Rohingya revolutionary group from its website, assigning it a “dangerous organization” since data on the intensifying crisis is muddied by hate speech, claims, and counter-claims on the social media.

The social media platform is a main tool in the data war happening in Myanmar’s Rakhine state over violence, which has boosted over 420,000 Rohingya Muslims from the nation and flashed UN blames of military-headed “cultural cleansing”. Rohingya campaigners have utilized the platform to publish supposed scenes of cruelty from the conflict zone, where media access and humanitarian is strictly constrained, while the government and the army give near-everyday updates on the disaster.

Facebook Bars Rohingya Militant Group

A Facebook spokesperson claimed to the media this week that it was not asked by the government to ban the ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army), which stays active on Twitter. The spokesperson further claimed that the decision was in order with its rule of segregating violent groups from its website. The newest violence in Rakhine exploded after a sequence of lethal ARSA assaults in August on military posts.

The army has been held responsible for rolling out a crackdown in reply that has pushed thousands of millions of Rohingya Muslims, paired with ethnic Rakhine Hindus and Buddhists, into neighboring Bangladesh. The spokesperson claimed that Facebook was alert that Rohingya protesters were utilizing the site to seek attention to the aggression, and that it projected to permit non-graphic content to stay online.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of Myanmar, has laid down statements of atrocities and blamed “a big iceberg of half truths” for worsening the situation. She has encountered rising criticism from leaders all over the world regarding what the UN has dubbed a textbook instance of cultural cleansing in opposition to Rohingya Muslims.

“Britain sent back 5 army officers of Myanmar from a training conference this week owing to the present condition in Rakhine”, army of Myanmar claimed this week on Facebook. The decision came in the middle of a rising diplomatic fight amid the 2 nations, with Britain claiming this week that it had blocked all courses of educational training for the military of Myanmar due to the conflict.