Dot Plans for Safeguarding Users against Theft of Phones

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Users can look forward to protect their mobile handsets and sensitive information in them from burglary, as the government is offering to install a registry of IMEI numbers. These numbers will be a fundamental system where the entire group of carrier will be capable of sharing information on lost or stolen phones. This in turn will avoid such smartphones from being triggered all over again even if SIM is altered.

A 6-month audit by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited of the Central Equipment Identify Register (CEIR) will be commenced in Pune, the department of telecom (DoT) claimed in a notification this week, terming the cloning or loss of mobile handsets as a danger to national security as well as the people. The main aim of the plan is to curtail counterfeit mobile phone market, defend consumer interest, detect cloning of phones, reduce mobile phone theft, and permit legal interception, when required.

Dot Plans for Safeguarding Users against Theft of Phones

“The cloning and theft of mobile handsets has turned out to be a serious issue. It is not only an economic loss but also a danger to national security as well as personal life of citizens. A considerable number of counterfeit handsets with false IMEI numbers are active in our mobile networks, which are unlawful copies of popular models and brands, and impact the quality of service to users,” the department claimed to the media.

“They cause fitness risks as they have not been experimented against security standards and may release higher intensities of radiation than suggested. Law enforcement organizations also encounter issues of legal interception when they try to intercept based on mobile equipment uniqueness,” the department further added.

IMEI is a 15-digit figure exclusive to every mobile handset that recognizes the model, make, and manufacturer, which assists in trailing calls and phone by law enforcement organizations as well. Every network of mobile is associated with an Equipment Identity Register (EIR) that includes of all acceptable IMEIs below white list, lost or stolen phones below black list, and unidentified phones below gray list.

Well, seeing the measure to recover lost or stolen phones, consumers are sure to benefit from these plans. But this does not mean that you can be careless and leave your handset anywhere!