Domestic Companies Rule Chinese Smartphone Market In Q2

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Smartphone transportation in China increased a humble 3% on year-to-year basis during the quarter two. China has top 4 of its local brands making almost 69% of the share in the market, a new study claimed this week.

As per the report, Vivo and Huawei are the quickest developing brands followed by Xiaomi and Oppo. They together cement the leading 4 spots and extend their lead over Samsung and Apple by a huge margin.

“Seasonally, June is a sturdy month for Chinese market as it is normally sustained by portfolio updates from huge companies such as Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi. The leading 4 Chinese brands now make up for almost 69% of the share in the market since these companies have contested ahead of other local and international brands,” claimed Research Director of the report, James Yan, to the media in a statement.

Domestic Companies Rule Chinese Smartphone Market In Q2

Performance of Apple carries on being seasonal, whereas Samsung is losing out to the Vivo-Oppo attack in offline. Xiaomi gave a shocking comeback post being on the drop for most of the quarters against Honor, the Huawei brand.

“Huawei remained to take the leading spot this quarter ahead of competitors Vivo and Oppo. It shipped superior volumes into the market. Huawei’s Enjoy and Nova series coupled with flagship P10 were in sturdy demand at the end of this quarter,” claimed Associate Director of the Tarun Pathak, to the media in an interview.

Vivo and Oppo were well placed in the quick-developing $100–199 and reasonably priced premium $300–399 area catering to the demand to tier-4 towns from tier-1 cities.

Xiaomi witnessed an uptick development of 20% year-to-year basis, nearly increasing the volumes 2 times in succession after a drop in the quarter one.

“The main factor behind the comeback can be credited to sturdy demand for low-tier smartphones such as Redmi Note 4X and its new flagship Mi 6 as well as aim on branching out distribution channels,” the report further added.

Well, the Chinese local manufacturers not only have dominated the market in China but also have dominated the Indian market. Let us see if they continue to do so.