Capgemini speaks on its survival in India

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Capgemini, the French software major, has claimed that it is seeing at its Indian branch, which has more than 1 Lakh workers, as a source of modernization, rather than just as a source of reasonably priced labor force.

The firm is increasing its incremental employing 2x from premier tech schools such as NITs and IITs here, and has also comprised innovation as a main resource segment for all its workers, without which they can’t advance in their profession. “Capgemini in India is not just a delivery center or price arbitrage,” Srinivas Kandula, the country chief executive of the company, claimed to the media in an interview. He further added that they have begun on the transformation of business to aim more on modernization.

Capgemini speaks on its survival in India

He claimed that Capgemini, rejoicing its 50th birthday, has accepted a 3-pronged plan wherein the conventional outsourcing business, along with technology work and consulting, is tangled with modernization without losing the concentration on governance needs. “If you inquire me, what does Capgemini India stand for inside the group? I might say it is not only giving the projects, but also taking part in IP generation and innovation,” Kandula claimed.

It can be observed that presence of affordable yet technically skillful labor force has been one of the main possessions that have resulted to the development of the IT services segment in the nation over the last 30 Years. This has now grown to be a $160 Billion foreign exchange earner for the country. It has resulted to domestic firms such as Infosys, TCS, and Wipro developing into multi-billion dollar organizations competing with their international peers such as Accenture and IBM, which over the years have also arranged a base here.

Capgemini made an entry in 2000 in India and since then it has developed its business with more than 1 Lakh workers. On the other hand, the current changes in the technological segment, which focus aim on digital automation and technologies, have resulted to question marks amid falling growth of revenue. A rising protectionism and an appreciating currency in the main Western markets are also maddening the issue.