Bad News for Chinese Smartphone Makers in India

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A survey conducted on 50,000 individuals has exposed that a bulk of Indian users find products of their country more dependable than the ones traded in from China.

“Is this good made in China?” is the query many users in India abidingly ask the vendor while purchasing most of the goods these days. Chinese goods have craved their path in roughly every home. They may not be of the top quality but are affordable than their counterparts made in India and offer value for cash.

A survey preformed by LocalCircles exposed that for 52% people, Indian made products were usually improved in quality than the Chinese goods. On the other hand, 21% claimed that items made in China were enhanced and 17% of the users claimed that both are less or more parallel in quality.

Bad News for Chinese Smartphone Makers in India

Several incidents of closing down of many small-scale companies in India have been seen over the last couple of years as they are unable to fight with the costs. When enquired what segment of Chinese goods users purchased the most, the bulk claimed that they purchased electronic items and other consumer goods such as mobiles.

Another survey asked users why they purchased Chinese goods. Almost 33% claimed that this was due to the fact that they are the cheapest. On the other hand, 17% claimed that they are of decent quality and cheap. Additionally, 17% of users claimed that Indian goods have higher prices and poor quality whereas 33% claimed that they purchase Chinese goods owing to all the above-cited features.

People were also enquired on what the best answer might be for concerns related to quality. In reply, 36% claimed that we must only permit the import of Chinese goods with BIS principles and 33% said imports in risk and hazardous products segment must not be permitted at all. Further, 29% claimed that audit and compliance in India at import points must be elevated.

In different planned discussions, people also recommended that trade shortage with China might be lowered by placing anti-dumping charges for defining proper standards and jamming the import of low-quality goods.