Back up Your IPhone Before Updating The iOS

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The new and the old iPhones, be it the iPhone 7 or iPhone 5s, all of them have the latest iOS running in them. The latest version of the iOS that is in the market is iOS 10.2. Well, we have good news for the iPhone users. The new version of the iOS will be out soon and will be hitting the market sooner or later by the end of March 2017. So if you want the new version, you should prepare for this. The main thing you should be focusing on will be the backup of your data. Even though your data will be safe while the iOS update, why take the risk? Always be on the safer side. So it’s better to have a backup of your data now then to regret it later. Here are few steps showing how you can take the backup of your data on iPhone.

Back up Your IPhone Before Updating The iOS

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to your computer. This can be down by using the lighting cable and opening the iTunes software.

Step 2

Keeping your previous setup in mind, iTunes may start the syncing process if you kept the setting to do so. This also includes the sync process as soon as your iPhone is connected resulting in backing up your data. If your iPhone is not set to auto sync, then proceed to next step.

Step 3

Agree the message if it read Trust This Computer. You may find it on the home page of iTunes. Navigate to the Backup panel and click on Backup Now option. Depending on the amount of data that needs to be backed up, the application may take up to 30 seconds to almost an hour.

Well friends, this is how you can back up your data. Hence, if you lose any data, you can always recover it.