Apple to Go Green: Vows to Make IPhones From Recycled Metals

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The technology giant Apple desires to put a “full-stop” to the need of mining materials from the earth in order to produce its gadgets—the company mentioned in its annual environmental responsibility report on Thursday.

It further said that the traditional supply chains are rectilinear, and that the materials go through processes such as mining, being manufactured as products, and frequently finish up in landfills after their use. Further, the process starts all over again and more and more materials are mined from the earth for new products.

Apple to Go Green: Vows to Make IPhones From Recycled Metals

The company further added that it believes in a closed-loop supply chain goal, wherein the products will be manufactured using recycled materials or renewable resources only.

The research by the company concluded that recycled aluminum must be obtained from Apple products instead of recycling facilities due to the demand of high-grade quality.

Apple is taking efforts to provoke its customers to return their used products for the purpose of recycling and even has melted down aluminum enclosures in iPhone so as to produce mini computers that are being used in their factories.

The company further added that in case of tin, they have chosen different way. In this, contrasting aluminum, there is a recycled tin accessible market supply that fulfils their quality standards. Consequently, Apple is been making use of recycled tin for the iPhone 6s.

The major goal is to put a “full-stop” to the need of mining materials one day, mentioned the company without revealing any specific date. However, Apple has not yet disclosed the recycled products’ amount that are presently used in their products.

Gary Cook, the Greenpeace senior analyst, said, “Apple’s vow to use 100% recycled materials is motivating, and it also emphasizes the need to reduce the consumption of resources and also reduce e-waste causing major damage to human health and environment.”

Producing new gadgets with recycled materials reduces mined metals demand and simultaneously increases devices’ tendency to be recycled—as per the environmental group.

Apple is one of the Silicon Valley giants who are investing profoundly in green energy, claiming that 96% of the electricity is provided by renewable sources at its global facilities and even the main campus of its new spaceship is powered by renewable energy entirely.

Apple is always behind doing something out-of-the-box. Do you think Apple will be successful in this goal?