Apple To Build Computers In The U.S., But Not For Consumers

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Apple has been serving the world for many decades with great success. The company has delivered many iconic computers and its great apple iPhone. It has always valued its consumer’s demand and appreciably fulfilled it with extra efforts.

Apple To Build Computers In The U.S., But Not For Consumers

And now, Apple is on plans to build new computers in the United States, but the computers won’t be MacBooks. The company is planning to build these computers in Mesa facility based in Arizona and the existing data centers and servers located in Mesa will be shifted to its other facility in the United States.

The plans were revealed when the company published the references in the Federal Register that stated Mesa application to the U.S. Government to make finished products and server assembly cabinets.

Apple already has permission to manufacture required hardware for consumer electronics in Mesa sector, but the application was for the approval to import the required components and equipment for data centers without custom duties.

The production of the servers will work vertically along the other Apple facilities in the United States. It includes Apple’s Oregon and North Carolina factory. The overall production will be operationally consolidated as per the source.

The Mesa facility was leased by the GT Advanced Technologies, which provided sapphire screens for Apple computers and other devices in 2014. After GT Advanced Technologies got bankrupt, Apple utilized 1.2 Million square feet factory as a data center that is providing back-ups for iTunes and iCloud services.

Apple is also in plans to hire new staff for the new facility and to set up an in-house iCloud infrastructure.