Amazon Offers 22,000 Seasonal Job Chances in India

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Amazon this week declared that it has made over 22,000 seasonal positions of employment all over its network in India for this season of festival.

The e-commerce major claimed that the positions of employment have been made at its sortation centers, fulfillment centers, customer service sites, and delivery stations. These positions have been made in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and many other towns all over the nation, it claimed in a statement here.

Amazon Offers 22,000 Seasonal Job Chances in India

“In our attempt to offer a faultless experience of shopping, we are keyed up to declare that we are improving our teams considerably with 2 times the number of employees employing in the Amazon customer service sites and fulfillment network,” Vice President India Customer Fulfillment at Amazon India, Akhil Saxena, claimed to the media.

“These more than 22,000 seasonal workers will assist in elevating our abilities to serve our users better and allow us to give constantly elevated levels of user experience,” he further added. Associates who have been offered chances, particularly for the season of festival, will connect to the thousands of workers at 15 sortation centers, 41 fulfillment centers, and near to 150 delivery stations of Amazon all over the country to assist pack, pick, deliver, and ship user orders more professionally.

Amazon has 13 user service sites all over 12 towns and offers voice support for users in English, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. The user service sites support users of Amazon in the country with post and pre order user service via different mediums such as chat, email, phone, and social media.

Amazon has increased its logistics and total storage capacity by 2x to 13 Million Cubic Feet. The company is starting this season of festival in a management position on parameters such as delivery, selections, traffic, value, and number of active consumers from 3rd party apps, as well as data on sales from sellers and carriers. The company will be making an entry this season of festival with a sturdy momentum and in a management position that permits the firm to offer users the best experience up till now. It anticipates that this season will be the largest shopping season in history.