18-Year-Old Indian Designs Lightest Satellite in the World

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Have you heard about miracles? Well, there is one in India. You will not believe in what we will be telling you!!! 18-year-old youngster named Rifath Sharook, from a moderately unknown city in Tamil Nadu called Pallapatti, is the miracle that we were referring to. Sharook is all ready to break an international space record by rolling out the lightest satellite in the world out in space. This satellite weighs just 64 grams.

18-Year-Old Indian Designs Lightest Satellite in the World

Shocked!!! Well, we cannot call this as a miracle since it is the talent that Sharook has. He has not only made himself popular but also showed the world as to what India is capable of. Let us have some brief look on this piece of talent.

KalamSat is name given to the satellite. The satellite will be rolled out by a sounding rocket of NASA in the outer space on June 21, 2017 from a NASA facility located at Wallops Island. This will be the first time in the history when NASA will flow out an experiment conducted by an Indian student in the outer space.

Speaking to the media from his home town Pallapatti, Sharook claimed that the tiny satellite will function for 12 minutes in an environment of micro-gravity in the space. He also further added that the flight of this satellite will be sub-orbital in nature and once it is launched, the mission will last for 240 minutes.

“The major role of the satellite will be to reveal the presentation of carbon fiber that is 3-D printed,” he stated. He claimed that the satellite was chosen via a contest called ‘Cubes in Space’, together organized by an organization called ‘I Doodle Learning’ and NASA.

The major confront was to develop an experiment to be rolled out in space that will fit into a 4-meter cube of precisely 64 grams. “We did a lot of study on various cube satellites all over the globe and discovered that KalamSat was the lightest in weight,” he added. Sharook claimed the satellite is composed mostly of unbreakable carbon fiber polymer. “We gained some of the elements from abroad and some are home-grown,” he added.

This creation of Sharook has surely made all the Indians proud.