Workers’ Compensation In Oregon

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It honestly doesn’t matter where you are living, attempting to receive any sort of compensation for injuries sustained on the job is an uphill battle. When people try to climb this mountain on their own, they face near-insurmountable obstacles that not only make things exponentially tougher but can also exacerbate some injuries and symptoms. To make things easier on yourself, your body, and your family, seek the help of a professional Portland workers comp attorney if you find yourself in the unfortunate position to need one.

Workers' Compensation In Oregon


Tips If You Are Injured At Work

If you are ever injured at work, there are a few things you can do that will help you be more successful in the end.

The first thing you should do is tell your employer right away. If you wait to report your injury, it can be harder to prove that the injury actually occurred while on the clock. Be sure to fill out all incident reports and paperwork and receive copies for yourself and your lawyer. It can also be beneficial to ask your boss or supervisor for the workers’ compensation insurance company covering your employer.

Next, file a workers’ compensation claim with the state of Oregon. You can ask your employer for the necessary form, fill out completely and honestly, and return it to your employer. They have a set number of days to submit the claim to their insurance company. If you would prefer, you can also file a workers’ compensation claim through your doctor. They also have a set number of days to submit your claim to your employer’s insurance provider.

Time is the important thing. Be sure to do things as quickly as possible and always be honest. In the end, this is how you will win.