What Tools Do You Need For Your DIY Project?

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Are you embarking on a new DIY project? There’s nothing worse than starting work and then realizing that you don’t have the key tool that you need to get the job done properly. With that in mind, here are some of the most common tools that you’ll need for all kinds of DIY projects.

An Adjustable Wrench

Loosening nuts and fasteners is a key part of tackling most DIY projects. A small wrench is vital for a difficult to reach site but a large one is best for tackling a wide range of fasteners. The best option is therefore to be a two-piece adjustable wrench which will accommodate both needs. You should also invest in an Allen Wrench too as these are very useful when it comes to assembling toys and furniture.

A Drill

You’re definitely going to need a drill for most DIY projects. A cordless one is always a good idea if you want the flexibility to work in different spaces without having to be next to a power outlet. Choose a model with a magnetic tray that will secure any loose screws as you work and an in-built bubble level for even greater convenience.

A Hammer

You’ll use a hammer for lots of jobs around the home. Yes, you’ll need it to bang in nails, but you’ll find that you’ll use it for lots of other things too, and if you choose a claw hammer, you’ll be able to easily remove damaged and old nails without any difficulties.

Decorating Equipment

Painting and decorating the home is high on the agenda of any DIY enthusiast. To do the job properly, you’re going to need a wide range of equipment. Paintbrushes in a range of sizes from large to small are essential for touching up any flaws on your furniture or walls. You’ll also need some paint rollers and painter’s tape which will keep your moldings clean when you’re painting walls inside your home. You’ll also benefit from having a caulking gun. You can view more here about how to choose the right equipment for your needs.

A Screwdriver

Screwdrivers form the backbone of a wide range of DIY tasks. You’re going to need both a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to tackle a range of tasks. You’re also going to need heads in different sizes – a screwdriver which is perfect for fixing your cabinet door won’t be any use for fixing a plug!


Pliers are, without doubt, a brilliant all-round tool. They can grab virtually anything to unscrew it, bend it or manipulate it in a host of ways. Choosing a pair of quick-adjusting pliers will make sure that you can work with all kinds of items from large to small. You should also make sure to invest in some long-nose pliers. Sometimes known as needle-nose pliers, they’re essential for electrical work and also for holding your nails if you’re going to be using a hammer.

Safety Gear

No matter which project you’re tackling, you want to be certain that you’re safe as you work. There are a lot of potential hazards when working on DIY projects. Make sure you have a breathing mask that will protect you from any chemical hazards and a pair of goggles to keep your eyes safe from flying sparks, wood chips or chemicals. A pair of good quality, sturdy work gloves will also ensure your hands and fingers stay safe from being pricked, hammered or jammed.

A Utility Knife

Making sharp, straight cuts is very important when working on all kinds of DIY project. A good quality utility knife will enable you to manage this with ease. Choose a model that comes with replacement blades and this will ensure that you’re well set up for many projects to come.

With these essential items in your toolbox, you’ll be ready to tackle any DIY project that comes your way. You’ll never find that you start a project and then realize that you’re missing a vital tool again. Good luck with your next project – whether it’s putting up a picture or repairing a roof!