Nvidia and Audi Shake Hands to Introduce Their Autonomous Car By 2020

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Each and every tech giant has jumped into the race along with some of the top ranking automakers. Many of them achieved the goal but are stuck with the legal authorization and permission as the output of those self-driving isn’t reliable. But they claim that soon the glitches and bugs will be cleared.

Nvidia and Audi Shake Hands to Introduce Their Autonomous Car By 2020

There are two more technology giants who are heading towards the autonomous car goal.

Audi and Nvidia got introduced the contest of self-driving car to launch the driverless car by 2020.

Nvidia has also partnered with many other players, but Audi was the one of the biggest among all those were onboard.

The partnership between Nvidia and Audi isn’t new as both companies have been doing business since last 10 years. But, yes!!! For the autonomous technology, they are new.

Nvidia plans to conquer a fully autonomous self-driving car along with manual driving alternative by 2020 with the help of its ambitious team and Audi.

Audi already has an autonomous car on the CES platform with its Q7 model and only 4-day trained AI, but the results are competitive.

The AI that Nvidia explained in CES 2017 will be working based on Xavier computing platform, which not only has the capability of the driving the car without driver assistance but the system also has Co-pilot based AI that operates on the provisional level of independence through facial recognition and eye tracking.

The claim is substantially great news and also a great task to complete their aims within such a short time span.


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