Make These Valentine’s Day Special Cakes For Your Loved Ones

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Valentine’s Day Special Cakes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and most of them would be thinking and making plans to make this day special and memorable for their loved ones. There are numerous ways of celebrating this day such as poetry, gifts, candlelight dinners, and many more. But have you thought of baking a cake for your loved one with all care and love and just surprise them? Sounds good, isn’t it? So, let us help you by offering some suggestion to make a delicious cake on this Valentine’s Day and add some extra sweetness in your relation.

  • Chocolate Mug Cake

A few of us won’t be having enough time to go through the complete baking drill, you need not worry, as we got you covered. This decadent and quick chocolate mug cake can be made in a microwave in merely 5 Minutes. This lush and rich chocolate valentine cake is an easygoing treat your loved one will surely like.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

Rich hung curd and pureed strawberries are a tie made in heaven simply as you and your mate. Prepare this velvety soft delight in the contentment of your kitchen with its easy procedure. The decent delight is a pleasure to the eyes and the appetite as well.

  • Eggless Date Cake

An amazingly tender cake prepared with the goodness of milk, almonds, and dates. Vegetarians make a note as this cooking marvel is eggless. Couple this distinctive valentine cake with a huge vanilla ice cream scoop and relish the moment with your beloved person.

  • Coffee Walnut Cake

The lovely bitter quintessence of coffee coupled with the nutty blimey of walnuts makes for an unbelievable duo that has had us cheering for it. The enticing treat also breakdowns the tedium of the usual chocolaty and sugary items that do the rounds during the Valentine’s Day celebrations.