Is using the Tor Browser illegal?

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The Tor browser has gained a lot of popularity over the last of couple of years because of the feature of allowing the people to browse the internet anonymously, without being worried about being spied upon or followed. This has led to a number of questions arising, most important of which – is using the Tor Browser illegal?

Let us find out more about the Tor Browser below to answer the question.

the Tor Browser

Tor acts as an Online Privacy Tool

The most basic feature of the Tor is that it can be used as an online privacy tool. It helps you to remain anonymous while you are accessing deep web sites or market places like dream market on deep web. Your internet traffic is spread across a number of different servers which makes it impossible for anyone to track your real location.

How to get the Tor browser?

For you to use the Tor Browser, you will need to download the Tor browser bundle appropriate for your system and launch the web browser from the downloaded files. The Tor will automatically try to connect itself to the Tor network when you open the browser and this helps in providing with additional layers of anonymity on the web.

Is using the Tor illegal?

Most people who make use of the Tor browse do it in order to access the deep web. While surfing the deep web and dark web is not illegal, these places are the home to a number of illegal criminal activities such as drug trafficking, hiring of murderers, killers and hackers among others. Indulging in such activities is banned.

Why is Tor regarded as a Blessing?

Most Journalists who use the Tor Browser consider it as a blessing. These Journalist try to expose the wrong doing of the higher authority to the people of the nation by risking their lives. However, they need to remain safe because of the threat to their lives. With tracking your original identity very difficult on the Tor Browser, it provides a platform for such journalist to ensure that the truth always reach the people.

However, all people do not just use the Tor for browsing

The Tor browser just not only allows people to browse the web anonymously. You can also host websites on the deep web with the help of the hidden services of the Tor. These websites are only accessible by other Tor users. Since, only a handful of people are able to access such websites, it makes it easy for people to promote illegal stuff on the Tor Network as well.

Amazing Facts about the Tor that you never knew

  1. Tor helps in protecting the identity of the users through “Hopping”. This feature ensures that your data is always encrypted on the network and your identity is well hidden.
  2. You need to know the exact address of the website on the deep web if you want to access it through the Tor Browser.
  3. About 45% content or information you can find on the dark web is illegal to take part in. This includes child trafficking, pornography, hiring of killers, hackers and more.
  4. The Tor Network works because volunteers allow them to run servers on their systems. Anyone can choose to volunteer to be a part of the Tor Network. The network works best on Linux Operating System but can run on any OS.

Why do People Use the Tor Browser?

  • Due to the anonymous nature of surfing and communicating, the Tor makes it easier for journalists to come in contact with whistleblowers safely.
  • A number of foreign-based NGO workers can access their home websites through the Tor network if they are locked in their countries.
  • Most of the abuse survivors and rape victims use this medium to speak about their incidents anonymously.

The side of Tor No one talks about

In spite of the good features, the Tor network also hosts a number of illegal websites on the dark web. These websites include a number of criminal activities such as child pornography, match fixing and arms trading.
While these websites are well-hidden from a casual surfer, anyone who wants to find about them can easily search for them on the dark web. Therefore, this Tor network also works as a channel for a number of illegal activities across the world.

The Final Words

While surfing and browsing the web through the Tor Browser is not illegal, partaking in criminal activities on the Dark web is. You can choose to be anonymous on the internet while surfing but you can indulge in any of the bad activities mentioned above as they can land you in trouble. Therefore, it is important to be cautious while using the Tor Browser to surf the internet as you don’t want to find yourself in trouble.