Huawei Modifies Plan in Kenya with Cheaper Smartphones to Boost Share in the Market

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Huawei Technologies of China has modified its plan this month in Kenya to display a reasonably priced $100–200 range of handsets, expecting that the elevated sales will drive its local market stake, the country manager of the company claimed to the media last week.

Huawei is listed number 3 in the swift-growing smart devices local market, behind Samsung Electronics of South Korea and Tecno, possessed by Transsion Holdings of Hong Kong. Derek Du, the local owner of Huawei, claimed that the firm had began providing 3 handsets with retail costs beginning at 8,999 Shillings (almost $87) to 22,999 Shillings (almost $220), as fraction of a plan to raise its share in the market in that sector to 15% from 4%.

Huawei Modifies Plan in Kenya with Cheaper Smartphones to Boost Share in the Market

“We did not give attention to the models under $200 but in 2017, we are modifying the plan to aim on both,” he further said. Safaricom, the largest operator with 72% share in the market or 28 Million users, claimed that there are 13 Million handsets on its network, up from 10 Million as compared to the previous year. Users have been giving up their well-damaged feature handsets to take benefit of comparatively swift Internet applications and speeds such as WhatsApp and those that smooth the process of taxi-hailing and banking services.

“The new aim on the inferior end of the market emerged almost due to the fact that Kenyan consumers are price-sensitive”, Du claimed. “The $100–200 this is the main division we can hand on. If we can emerge it up, it indicates that we will also be emerging up the whole share of the market,” Du further claimed. He claimed that this will help the company to drive its general market share to 25–30%, from the present 14%, in the coming 2 Years.

The yearly average wage in Kenya is $1,200, authorized figures display, so most individuals can’t have enough money for costly smartphones. Huawei earlier aimed on the mid-range of handsets, where it has a 30% share in the market. It also trades the finest “Mate” series handsets in the market of Kenya, as per the sources.


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