Global Outlook on Retirement: How to Find a Retiree in the #1 Retirement State

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With literally 10,000 boomers reaching retirement age by day, and this figure expected to continue well into the year 2030, you can see why it might be extremely difficult to find someone who has moved to a retirement-friendly state to spend their golden years. With Florida, the Sunshine State, being named the best place to retire by AARP, trying to locate a retiree in Florida can be an extremely laborious and time consuming endeavor without the aid of sites like Intelius. Here are some things you might want to know before embarking on a possibly futile search.

Global Outlook on Retirement

Why Rely on Figures from AARP?

Throughout the following information, you are likely to hear AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) referred to on several occasions. Why rely on information and statistics provided by this association? Actually, if you knew the history of AARP, you’d understand what made them the leading authority on retirement. Founded in 1958 as a natural evolution of the NRTA (National Retired Teachers Associationfounded in 1947), the nonprofit organization seeks to enable retired persons to live productively in their senior years. For 70 years, the AARP has been serving aging Americans and are the most widely recognized experts on anything and everything related to retirement.

Florida Public Records May Be the Key

Most retirees relocating to Florida, which by the way has the most retirees of any state, buy property of some kind. From condos to co-ops to single family residences, a major portion of retirement transplants own property. Searching public records in every one of the 67 counties and literally thousands of cities might take more time than you have, so it really does make sense to use Intelius’ FL public records search engine to find known addresses for retirees living in the Sunshine State.

How Search Parameters Are Set

With access to statistical information on such things as demographics by age, sites like Intelius can set their search parameters to prioritize areas where retirees tend to congregate. For many years, South Florida was considered to be a hotbed of retirees, but in more recent years, the Suncoast has been favored above the Gold Coast bordering the Atlantic. Also, inland areas like those near Lake Okeechobee are becoming quite popular with retirees because the cost of living is much lower, but the climate is still warm throughout the year.

With so many retirement communities scattered around the state, it is no wonder that it might be difficult to locate a retiree in Florida. Sometimes it’s a former co-worker you are trying to find for ‘old times’ sake’ and other times you might want to simply stay in touch with people from a past that seems so very long ago. For whatever reason, Florida might be the easiest state to find a retiree in because there are so very many of them, but it might also prove to be just as challenging for this very reason. The best advice you can be given is to use the services of a site like Intelius that can offer results within moments. Any other way to search might take more time than you’re willing to commit.