Get glamorous using the tri-color makeup

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Looks are what the people love to experiment with. Hence, use this Independence Day as an occasion to look not only different but also very beautiful as well. Makeup can be used as a batten of honor to show one’s love for the nation.

Let’s add an extra bling to the eye-makeup depending on the mood of the social program being conducted on the Independence Day. Change your look this August 15, 2017. The tri-color can be used to add an extra drama to one’s look. According to the sources, it’s time to go different and experiment with looks this occasion. The national tri-color flag concept blending into the makeup is an unusual idea but not a bad one.

Eyes are what the beauty experts want people to experiment with. Some of the eye makeup suggestions include:

First, take a shade of green colored eye pencil and apply it delicately on the waterline such that there is enough to spread outside the eyes as well. Smudge it properly to make it visible. In case of creating a smoky effect, a makeup (pencil) brush can be used to smear the green eyeliner on the lower side. For an additional green effect, use the matte murky green eyeshadow. All this smudging is enough to give a smoky effect. What about orange? As per the experts, the orange eyeshadow can be applied on the eyelid and socket of the eyes via a fluffy brush so as to blend it softly. At the end, use a pearl or bright white eyeshadow with a frosty finish on the inner corner of the eyes.

This is with the tri-color combination and now to make the eyes more appealing apply an outline of a thin eyeliner and also curl up the lashes using a mascara or eyelash curlers. This will not only brighten the eyes but also make the eyes look more open. Even the eyebrows can be filled to finish the look.

Using the tri-color eyeliners can add up to the happening look. The experiment with the eyeliner can be brought about by using winged colored liners as well. Using the orange, green, and white eyeliner to sketch out around the eyes will also create a different look. Start with orange eyeliner on the inner side of the top eyelid and extend it using dark green eyeliner. The white eyeliner can be applied on the waterline along with a slight touch of blue eyeliner as well on the lower rim of the eyes. Curl the lashes to finish the look.

Colorful mascara can also create a unique look. Also, eye paintings like freedom fighters, flags, chakras, and politicians can be different. Let’s make our eyes speak this Independence Day.


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