Confused About Telecom & Telecom Management_ Read on!

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Different telecom audit companies are saying, If you’re old enough, telecommunication probably meant a network of phones sitting on your desks with wires snaking all over the floors linking you to the rest of the world.

But that’s changed.

Now, telecom’s scope includes voice as well as video, and wired as well as wireless technology.

Telecom & Telecom Management

Managing all of these assets involved in telecommunication is a daunting task when you factor in computers, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, email, fax and so on. The simple fact is that most people today are connected to some sort network every second of the day. And it’s staggering to think that every one of these devices and technologies can be used for telecommunication purposes.

Back in the day when you wanted to talk to someone, you picked up the phone and gave them a call. Today, however, you have an array of choices in how you choose to communicate with someone: Texting, calling, social media, email, and FaceTime.

Because of the endless forms of telecommunication, workplaces have had to adapt to include the various technologies to serve their workers and customers more efficiently. It’s often said that in the office today, there are fewer phones ringing and more computers dinging.

So this is where telecom management comes in. When today’s business owners hear that word, they tend to shudder at the thought of managing all of those systems and assets. And it’s true that good telecom management requires coordination and skill across a myriad of levels because now the lines between IT and telecom have been blurred. Today, many IT departments don’t just do IT work, they also do telecom work, which makes them less efficient at both jobs.

Because of the vastness of a company’s telecom, it’s wise to have a department dedicated to telecom instead of burdening your IT team, especially when IT usually has their hands full every day making sure the network is running smoothly, the website is updated, and the software has the necessary security patches.

For your telecom department to be effective, they need to be adept at handling everything that encompasses communication, including wired phones, cell phones, fax machines, computers, video conferencing, chat rooms, emails, messaging services, and social media. And while that might seem like a lot, there’s more. Consider all that goes with these assets, such as equipment, software, cell carriers and vendors, and the billing, invoicing, contracts, reports, and maintenance that go with that!

When you factor in all of that, it’s easy to see why telecom management is too important to be left to a department that’s not qualified or a department that’s already working at their limit.

When you go back to smoke signals and carrier pigeons, you can see that telecommunication has been with us for nearly as long as we’ve been on the planet, and it continues to become more and more complex, which is why there’s a real need for effective telecom inventory  management regardless of your business’ size.