Bogoslof Volcano erupts sending ash cloud over Aleutians

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Anchorage – There’s a massive cloud of ash over the Aleutians because the ‘Bogoslof Volcano’ of Alaska which has been active since December recently erupted again.

As per the Alaska Volcano Observatory, Bogoslof (BOH-gohs-lawf) Volcano in the Aleutian Islands started erupting at 10:36 p.M. yesterday and sent up an ash cloud to 35,000 feet. The eruption was marked by seismic activity and lightning that subsided about 1:30 a.m on Wednesday. The observatory says the volcano spewed ash for about three hours.

According to reports the ash cloud could pose a danger to airliners as ash can harm and stop jet engines. Ash from southwest Alaska volcanos is a threat to airliners operating between North America and Asia when a cloud rises above 20,000 feet.

The National Weather Service said trace amounts of ash could fall on the major fishing port of Dutch Harbor.


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